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Gas line repair Plano, TX homes and businesses can depend on is something that you need very quickly, in many cases. It isn’t something you can afford to wait for. A gas line leak is very dangerous, and getting it fixed should never be postponed. You simply need the services of the best possible licensed plumber, and we have a team of professionals waiting to help you at Devard’s.

Leaking gas can cause injury to a building’s occupants and even lead to an explosion. But today’s gas products are infused with a strong odor, so you’ll have no doubt when a leak -- and therefore a potentially hazardous situation -- is present in your home or office. If you detect an odor like rotten eggs or any other strong, offensive odor, call us for gas line repair right away. For nearly 50 years, people around Plano and across the Metroplex have been depending on us.

A Complete Range Of Gas Line Services

Gas line repair isn’t the only way we can help you with your gas service. We also handle gas line installation for whatever reason you may have. Perhaps you’re converting a fireplace to gas logs -- or establishing a gas-powered appliance in a new location at your business.

We also provide a range of annual plumbing maintenance services designed to make sure your pipes are in the best possible condition. This includes water pipe service as well. For all sorts of plumbing needs, we’re here for you and want to provide you the best possible service at a fair, affordable price that will fit in your budget.

Take Quick Action For Safety

If you think you have a gas leak and may need a gas line repair at your Plano location, take quick action. Go to a place of safety, remembering never to use a cell phone around a gas leak. If possible turn off gas valves as you leave. Don’t flip any light switches or touch any electrical appliances. And don’t try to locate or deal with the leak yourself. Instead, wait for professionals. If there has been digging outside, call the gas company immediately.

Then call us at Devard’s. The number to call is (972) 422-1505. For non-emergency gas line work, you can also fill out our form online. We’ll take care of your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get on with the things that matter most to you.

When dealing with gas, always remember to put safety first -- and quick, accurate repairs that will last for years second.

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