Air Conditioning Installation Plano, TX

Has your air conditioner failed? Or is it simply not performing as well as it should? It may be time for an energy-efficient and quiet new system. For air conditioning installation Plano, TX businesspeople and homeowners like you can rely on, we’re here for you at Devard’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

As air conditioners and heaters get older, their efficiency often drops dramatically. Plus, they get noisy and need to be repaired more often. If you’re paying for repairs and maintenance on an air conditioning unit that’s more than seven years old, you could get better comfort and put an end to some of your repair bills for a while by having us install a new system for you. Changing to an efficient new system will almost certainly make a real impact on your utility bills too.

Why not schedule a complimentary in-home consultation now? We’ll send one of our trained pros to give you a written estimate on a new system. And you’ll have brand and size choices. Our hand-picked team of installation experts are licensed, insured and ready to do your job right.

When installation day comes at your Plano home or business, expect the following things:

Clean and tidy installation procedures. We’ll use drop clothes, shoe covers and whatever it takes to avoid making leaving anything for you to clean up. We can’t guarantee that we won’t make a mess, but we’ll remove whatever debris is involved in the installation process so things look great when we leave.

Careful, quality workmanship. Our certified technicians have gone through extensive training and work from an installation checklist that ensures every detail of your air conditioner installation process is completed. And don’t worry about local codes and regulations. We work within the rules. Then when the job is done, we’ll show you how to use your new components for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Updates when you want them. We don’t keep anything from our customers, so we’ll provide you updates on how the installation process is going whenever you want them. You’re never left in the dark when you choose Devard’s to handle your Plano air conditioning installation project.

Before we leave, we’ll tell you about maintenance and the things you can do each month to make sure your system maintains peak efficiency.

Contact us now at (972) 422-1505 or complete our online form for air conditioning installation Plano, TX homeowners and businesspeople like you can depend on. We’ll be there for you when you need us.