4 Common Issues That Mean Your Air Conditioning Won’t Function Very Well

It’s a terrible feeling. You know your air conditioning system isn’t working right, but you don’t know what’s wrong, whether it can fixed without having to get a new system and how much it will cost you to be cool in your own home again.

If your AC system isn’t working, there’s usually no mystery about it when a trained professional takes a look. Here are the four most common issues that keep air conditioning units from working well:

1. Refrigerant leaks. Your AC unit requires a certain amount of a substance called refrigerant. If it doesn’t have enough, it won’t work right. Refrigerant can leak from a system in a variety of ways, and the reason for the leak needs to be found and fixed. Then, the system needs to be recharged.

2. Poor maintenance. The little things mean so much when it comes to AC systems. While systems are made to last for years, they must have routine maintenance to clean away dirt and debris, make small repairs before they lead to bigger problems and keep an eye on refrigerant levels. Usually, your system needs service every year. If your system seems to be failing and you haven’t had annual maintenance, that’s probably the reason.

3. Dirty filter. All home air conditioners have one or more filters to keep dust and dirt away from the sensitive components. If your AC system has suddenly stopped working, it could mean that a new filter is all that’s needed. It’s also possible that if you haven’t changed your filter monthly or as needed, dirt has gotten into important components and caused a failure. You can try changing the filter and see if this gets your system working again.

4. Broken thermostat. It may not be the AC unit but the thermostat that’s malfunctioned. Repairing or replacing the thermostat may be all that’s needed to get the system working again. Today, there are better thermostats than ever that can make your system run more efficiently and effectively than when it was new. And replacing the thermostat may cost less than a repair to the AC unit itself.

Most air conditioner repair is best left to specialists. While it’s nice to know what may be wrong in advance of having an air conditioning repair technician come out, most of the problems above require specialist service, and we’re the right place to turn for the help you need.